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The Home Office has made Britain the laughing stock of the world, but for those of us who were born and bred and live in this once proud nation, it is no laughing matter.

I AM DISGUSTED with the fact that, after 9 years of utter misrule, the primary responsibility of any government - the care and protection of its people - has been so grossly abandoned.

This rabble of a party - this New Labour party - will, of course, say that it inherited faults in the system from the previous Tory government and that the series of disclosures of the utter ineptitude of the Home Office are somebody else's fault.

At least the bullying, bearded Home Secretary but one - what was his name? - was fired, but the mess that had been disclosed up to the moment of his demise was actually not his fault. He was as inept as his predecessor, but he got the job because he was a "Tony's crony". No, one man is responsible for the mess at the Home Office.The Prime Minister.

Not only did he plunge square pegs into round holes, under his watch no less than 43 different bills on myriad aspects of criminal justice have been passed, and virtually all of them have been completely unnecessary.

This hair trigger government has passed more bills than were passed by all governments in the previous 100 years. And the bulk of them have meant an ever increasing work load for the Home Office.

Is it any wonder that, whichever Home Secretary was at the helm, he failed to get to grips with the institutionalised shambles the department has become, particularly since Blair took power after conning a minority of the electorate.

Forget - or try to forget - that it has been employing illegal immigrants. Forget that it released onto our streets rapacious and murderous foreigners who should have been deported. Forget that one section was actually being run by a former illegal immigrant, who demanded sex from a young woman from his own country - Zimbabwe - in return for asylum here.

Surely, the crowning disgrace must be that some 1,500 of our citizens who applied for jobs found themselves turned down because the Criminal Records Bureau had incorrectly advised their prospective employers that they were convicted felons.

And to add total insult to injury, these victims of mis-government have been told they will not even get an apology.


David Cameron, the Blair clone who currently runs the Tory party - bring back Haig! - tells us that instead of GMP - Gross National Product - we should all be running around concerned more with GWB, or General Well Being.

What a load of bollocks. But hang on. This isn't even an original. Guess who, in 1999, said that we must "balance the quality of life against pure economic growth". Why, the ageing legal beaver himself - Mr Anthony Blair.

I AM DISGUSTED with the way politicians and civil servants treat our military. Why on earth they volunteer beats me and this is not a "current government" thing.

Legless soldiers who survived the Napoleonic campaigns, who had to resort to begging on the streets, were criminalised by a parliament which hastily passed the Vagrancy Act. Squaddies who survived the horror of WW1, and who were promised a land of full employment, found themselves deserted by the then government.

Now rumour has it that there is a cover up going on about the actual numbers of service personnel wounded in Iraq. The number of dead are well documented. But are we getting the truth about just how many are suffering combat injuries? And what is happening to those we do know about.

Whether the Ministry of Defence is telling us the truth or not about numbers, the poor treatment of our veterans on their return to the UK is an increasing scandal.

With all military hospitals now closed, these men and woman are having to rely on their GP's and the tender mercies of the National Health Service. And there have been reports that some NHS staff are treating them less than well because of the very fact that they have been involved in a war.

At least our lads and lasses have one thing going for them as, lying in their hospital beds, they ponder on their abandonment. They are already used to being surrounded by people who don't speak English

D.Saunders (ex RAF)

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AND FINALLY. A money grabbing woman gets a 5 million divorce settlement from her ex-husband after only 3 years of marriage. On the basis that the average married couple has sex with each other about twice a week, that works out at over 16,500 a shag. Blimey!