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I AM DISGUSTED with that arch enemy of democracy Tony Blair for his insult to the country by retaining lover boy Prescott as his Deputy Prime Minister.

By stripping this fat buffoon of all his Ministerial responsibilities, thus signalling his total unfitness for high office, but then retaining him as his No 2, sums up his contempt for all of us.

We understand Blair's disregard for everyone but his own cronies but what does this say to the rest of the world? That a man who is obviously bloody useless is still good enough to fill the second highest office in the land simply because he's a mate.

QR (name withheld)

THE EDITOR WRITES I concur, QR. Blair at least did fire that other disaster Charles Clarke whose policy on illegal immigrants is that, once they've done a stretch for murder or rape, they qualify for British residency. Here is an opinion on immigration in general, courtesy of the website "WE ARE THE ENGLISH"

WITH FIGURES JUST RELEASED showing the highest ever immigration figures, it is s now quite obvious that our political leaders have no intention at all of addressing our concerns over the unprecedented changes that we are witnessing.

With the immigrant population being rock solid Labour voters, the truth is that we - the English - are becoming an irrelevance. We are close to the time when Tony Blair and his friends will not have to worry about the needs of the English people because he will have all the votes he needs from his army of new British citizens.

With every new immigrant that comes to our shores our votes are just a little less important. The time is very nearly upon us when we will lose the power to choose our own destiny in our own land. The Tory party have recognised the change in the political landscape and this is exactly why they are at such pains to show how multi-cultural they now are.

Remember the fool Cameron in his first speech as leader, " I love Britain as it is now, not as it was" They are so arrogant that they think they can have their cake and eat it. They utterly ignore us and then wonder why votes go to political parties that say they will address our concerns.

FACT The latest published figure is that there were 582,000 immigrants in one year.

FACT This is a nearly 50% increase on the previous year.

FACT More Britons than ever are quitting the homeland they no longer recognise - 120,000 last year

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YOU SAY Excellent. I applaud Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells wholeheartedly. Bit of an upmarket "Grumpy Old Men". Shall be visiting regularly

Richard Saunders - Norfolk

YOU SAY What a cracking idea! I was born and bred in the Borough and will return soon. Hope I'll qualify as a correspondent.

Guy Johnstone - Washington DC

YOU WRITE Congratulations to your reader who wrote in support of St George's day. But why on earth is it on a Sunday? It should be either a Friday or a Monday, and made a bank holiday.

David Lovelace