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I AM DISGUSTED with the British judiciary. In the same week that the High Court said a bunch of Afghan hijackers can stay here rather than be deported, the Attorney General says that Guantanamo Bay should be closed.

There are certainly some rights and wrongs about Guantanamo and possibly some more or less innocent people have been banged up there. But America is at war, and its people have been the victims of mass murder carried out by Muslim fanatics.

The measures they take to protect themselves and us are up to them, and it is not the business of a Labour lawyer to poke his nose in, even if he is appointed by a Government that pokes its nose into the business of everyone on an industrial scale.

As for the Afghan cut throats who terrorised a plane load of innocent passengers when they forced it to fly to Stanstead, they should have been marched straight off the flight, put up against a wall, and shot.

Of course, Shami Chakrabarti of the non-representative Liberty organisation would say that this would be an infringement of their human rights. Go tell that to the marines.


The strongly built, deep voiced Ruth Kelly showed her true New Labour credentials - "Don't do as I do - do as I say" - when she was appointed the new Communities Secretary in place of Two Shags Presser.

For those who may be fooled by the rather homely title, her new job means she will be in charge of vandalising the South East by building thousands of new houses on green fields for illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, Balkan brothel keepers, Afghani hijackers and the like.

Those who object to the trash of the world being dumped next door are called Nimbies (if that is the plural of Nimby!) and muscles Kelly has promised to sort them out once and for all.

And who do we find has done nothing but protest over plans to build anything in her back yard at Bolton since way back in 1998 and right up to November 2004?

Why, our Ruth, who trashed our education system and will now tread heavily in old Pressers footsteps by housing undesirables anywhere but near her.

I AM DISGUSTED with some jumped up, hitherto unheard of minority group which is demanding that the City of Bristol not only apologise for the part it played in the slave trade, but that the descendants of those entrepreneurs who made a pile, should make reparations.

The demand comes from a black African set-up called the Ligall Organisation whose big chief is called Toyin Agbetu - Mr Toyin Agbetu to you.

Perhaps Mr Agbetu is unaware that the slave trade was organised by black Aricans themselves who then sold on captives to Arab traders who in turn sold them to Europeans who shipped them out to the Americas.

Perhaps he is also unaware that slaving is still rife in some parts of Africa despite the fact that it was outlawed by the British at least 200 years ago.

Go home, Mr Agbetu, and put your own house in order. And if anyone is going to make any reparations to anyone, how about the leaders of the many African states who have trousered millions if not billions of aid we - the British - sent to help their enslaved people.

Belligerent Sir Alan Sugar has a new apprentice. After the parade of plug ugly females and greed driven spives who hung on his every insult, he has promoted curvaceous blonde Michell Dewberry to the 100,000 a year job with Amstrad.

What odds that we will soon be hearing that the acid coated old bugger's new protege is hauling him in front of an industrial tribunal for sexual harassment?

You can bet her frilly knickers that she will be carefully watching the progress of 600,000 a year City banker Claire Bright who has chosen the classic female method of bumping up her pension by claiming 11 million - yes, 11 million - from HBOS for "humiliation"

Old bristles should take a quick course at charm school before Michelle takes him to the cleaners.

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AND FINALLY. Gordon Brown's wife Sarah is said to be one of many women who has used acupuncture to help her conceive. It just goes to show what a little prick can do.