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Wednesday, May 17th was a day you may or may not have noted. It was in fact THE NATIONAL DAY AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA. Such stupidity may well have passed completely over the heads of the vast majority of the British population who are heterosexual. But not all of them.

I AM DISGUSTED with Kent police who, presumably to help note this inauspicious occasion, announced they have launched a brand new - wait for it - "Homophobic reporting line".

Obviously, this is part of the unseemly scramble led by the Metropolitan Police Commission Sir Ian Blair (what a terrible surname to be saddled with) for the police to follow slavishly the line of political correctness.

But how about a hot line for old ladies who have had their handbags swiped, or householders who have had their garden shed broken into, or car owners who find their pride and joy damaged by bad parking in the multi-story, or pedestrians who have had the living daylights frightened out of them by cyclists storming up on them from behind on the pavement.

How about a special telephone line for the rest of us who want to talk to a copper if there has been a crime, now that we've all been told to lay off using 999.


Retired doctor Brian Broughton is a law abiding citizen. Over run with huge seagulls at his home at Dartmouth he shoots one of the filthy, noisy, and often aggressive birds with an air rifle.

He had first consulted the wild life officer at his local police station and had obtained a copy of the general licence issued by DEFRA which allows the public to kill some birds if, for example, they constitute a threat to public health. One of the gulls had - not to put too fine a point on it - crapped on his wife's lunch and in his hair.

In steps the RSPCA, the political wing of rural terrorist organisations such as the Animal Liberation Front, and hauls him before local magistrates where he was found guilty by the court for illegally killing the bird, and given a conditional discharge.

The RSPCA was once a respected and respectable organisation, and was held in high esteem. But It is only a charity and is it not time that its powers to wear a uniform, to demand the right to enter people's homes, and to drag people before the courts, were closely looked at. Surely, this IS the job of the police.

The movie, the Da Vinci Code, has taken a right hammering from the film critics. The 75 million production - so it was done on the cheap - has, among other things, been called a "fictionalised account of history" Of course it is bloody fiction!. When did Hollywood ever turn out an historical film that stuck to fact. Did anyone ever see Braveheart or, for another example,. the movie about how the Americans captured a Nazi enigma machine, or indeed the many movies about how the Americans won the entire second world war.

Now we have a consortium of Jews and Christians who are attacking the film and trying to persuade people not to go to see it. Well, they would, wouldn't they.

The Da Vinci Code stands up to examination about as closely as the story of a man, born of a virgin, crucified, and then brought back to life. The bible is probably the most fascinating book ever published. But is it true?

For many years, leading experts on the environment - learned people who have studied the history of the planet - have been warning there is nothing mankind can do to delay global warming/cooling but there is a great deal we can do to conserve water.

Now, at last, we are learning the falseness of the politicians and so many others, and are forced to face the facts. Forget all the nonsense of "saving the planet" by giving up driving cars and the rest of the crazy, useless ideas. The planet will do its own thing, as it has done for billions of years.

Parts of England, and particularly the South East, WILL get drier and WILL run out of water unless immediate, drastic - and they will have to be drastic - measures are taken. To begin with, all building should be stopped for at least 10 years.

A stop on population increase will contain the demand for water and nature - for it is nature that runs the planet, not us - will be given at least a fighting chance of recovering. Forget building reservoirs. IT IS TOO LATE. We must leave the land open and not build on it so that water can drain into the aquifers and not run off concrete and asphalt, into ditches and rivers, and straight into the sea.

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AND FINALLY. So we don't know how many illegal immigrants there are? Well, here's a clue. The unemployment figure has now gone to 1.6 million. Who has pinched all those jobs?