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Want to know how to make a fast buck which most right thinking people would say is a swindle but is actually perfectly legal?

No, not stage a take over in a third world country and then persuade the British Government to pay you a fortune in overseas aid in return for hosting fact finding missions from bent politicians and European Commissioners.

Set up a retail business flogging some high value goods, take deposits on the stuff you have haven't got and can't deliver and then go bankrupt, trousering those deposits.

Just one small thing. When you set the company up and capitalise it, get a sludge of slippery lawyers to make you a preferential creditor ahead of Joe Bloggs whose handed over 25% on a 400 cooker.

Too good to be true? Too easy? Well, that is what is happening in the case of Comet.

OpsCapita took the company over and has now put it into liquidation with all the deposits paid by its customers safely in their bank.

I AM DISGUSTED that this has happened many times before and will almost certainly happen many times again unless the public gets more protection.

For starters, how about a warning notice to all customers pointing out that, if the company they are placing their hard earned cash with by way of a deposit on goods goes bankrupt - they they may not get either their washing machine or their their money back before a brass farthing goes to anyone else.(p)


The Coptic church has chosen a new leader by the simple method of putting names into a hat and having a child pull one out.(p> (p>Has our own dear Church of England heard about this?

Worth giving a try. Could save us from another disaster such as the current Arch Bishop of Canterbury.