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As so often happens when the media gets its knickers in a total twist, a very specific and extraordinary fact seems to have been totally missed in yet another outburst over "gongs" - honours for the frequently less than honourable and certainly often underserving

This time it is all the titles which the late, failed Prime Minister David Cameron BSD wants for the cronies who helped him make a total arse of himself by backing the losting side in the EU referendum

Leave aside that the whole honours system has been so discredited over the years, particularly when knighthoods go to "captains of industry" who have failed conspicuously to do their jobs properly but have been paid spectacularly for their failures

Even if they have done their jobs well, leave aside that they have made the sort of fortunes that enable them to donate vast sums to political parties, thus buying heir way to the right to call themselves "Sir" or even "Lord" and quite likely, through that very title, grabbing even more loot

And leave aside that, once someone makes more money than they know what to do with, they can buy their way to letters after their name by flinging what they can easily afford at charities, taking advantage of the tax dodges they can scoop up in the process

However, what is so extraordinary is that it is those very letters which are one of the most Politically Incorrect anachronisms one could have - CBE and MBE or OBE - yet few critics of the system raise an eyebrow

All these awards are a celebration of The British Empire, a long gone entity of which some of us are still proud, but which most of the world regards as an evil which is best forgotten


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Whilst on the subject of uncomfortable underwear, the covens have come out with nails sharpened and gussets akimbo over remarks from Kevin Roberts, BSD at Saatchi and Saatchi

He it was who is alleged to have claimed that women in the advertising industry are lacking in ambition and this is why they don't often reach the upper echelons of the game

The highly excitable professional feminists were all over that one, saying it wasn't lack of ambition but the blocking of their careers by Alpha males

Well, first of all girls, bollocks. He did not say you were lacking in ambition

What he actually said was that many women AND MEN (yes - that's how he phrased it) want to be happy and can achieve this by staying in the job they enjoy and are good at, and not seeking or accepting promotion

Commenting on the age old procedure of promoting people who are doing well, he said:"We are trying to impose our antiquated shit (sic) on them and they say 'actually guys, you are missing the point, you don't understand and we are happier than you'. Their ambition is not a vertical ambition. It is this intrinsic, circular ambition to be happy"

So - calm down dears