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When covering events in Northern Ireland for the Daily Mail, I met an IRA contact in The City Hotel in Londonderry

A major item on the news that day was yet another outburst by the late Ian Paisley in which he had virtually urged his followers to kill Catholics - or rather "Papists" as he called them

I said to the IRA man that - with all the killing that was going on - I was surprised that they had not even attempted to murder Paisley

He replied that the last thing the IRA wanted was him dead as "Every time the man opens his mouth it is a recruitment campaign for us"

The "Reverend" Ian Paisley was a rabble rousing man of hate who probably did more than any other individual to cause the murder and bloodshed in Northern Ireland which kicked off in 1969

He was a bigot and a charlatan who bought his title from a minor university in America and who virtually invented his own church in Ulster in the 50's in order to have a power base from which to spread his evil gospel

When Princess Margaret and the Queen mother met the Pope in 1958 he accused them from the pulpit of "Spritual fornication and adultery with the anti-Christ" and once claimed that the European Union is a Catholic super state controlled by the Vatican

When Pope John XX111 died in in June 1963 he announced:"The Romish man of sin is now in Hell"

I record these facts as I, along with many others, was quite astonished at some of the accolades and plaudits that followed his recent death

True, he abandoned his own misbegotten ideals and beliefs to become a peace maker. But that can not wipe the slate clean

In a race to hell between him and a Pope, I wonder who would have got there first?


Journalists and commentators the world over seem to be utterly confused as to what to call the murderous gang who are on the rampage in Iraq and Syria

"So called ISIS" or "the organisation known as IS" or "what was known as ISL", or - to directly quote John Humphries of the BBC - "ISIS or IS or whatever it is called"

Why not call them DAESH?"

DAESH is an Arab word and is, essentially, an insult and can be translated, among other things, as "something on the bottom of your shoe". The French now use this term in common with many Arab nations to describe ISIS or whatever

Because it is intended to be highly derogatory and very disrespectful, ISIS - hates it, and surely the fact that they do hate it and that it is more or less the official Arab descriptive term, means we should use it?

The French put forward the constructive argument that ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" and they are neither a state nor are they true Muslims or Islamists

How about INFIDELS? This would seriously upset ISIS

Despite a common belief among western nations including the UK, infidel is not restricted to a word used by Muslims to describe Christians

It translates in Arabic as "unfaithful" and actually comes from a Latin or Early English word - "infidelis". Muslims will call a fellow Muslim an infidel if he doubts or rejects the central tenets of the religion

Muslims from Islamic and other countries, including Britain, have denounced ISIS as people who do not follow the true faith. For example, the Koran teaches that a man who comes in peace and is welcomed should not be harmed. Think of the aid worker and English taxi driver Alan Henning