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Having so selfishly caused turmoil in the Church of England, the Sisterhood is now hell bent on changing the basic fundamentals of Christianity

Without concern for the damage they were inflicting, they overturned millennia of custom and practice and, indeed, belief by nagging their way into first becoming Priests and then Bishops

The already weakening Anglican Church has been further damaged by their sacrilegious behaviour but, as with so many wimmin, they don't give a jot as long as they get their own way

Now, aided and abetted by the emasculated PC males among the Priesthood and the Congregation, they have decided that to call God "he" is an affront to their dogma of feminism and want instead for "him" to be called "her". In other words, God is a woman

Feminists seem regularly to fail to see the contradictions inherent in their many pronouncements. For example, their basic tenet is that any woman is the equal of any man. Try to point out the nonsense of this, and that no woman is the equal of any man any more than any man is the equal of any man, and you meet a torrent of invective

If their belief is that it is sexist to look upon God as a man then it is surely sexist to say that God is a woman

The fact that it is totally against all the teachings of Christ is of no concern to them. Chances are that, if they get their way, we will then have to face the claim that God is a Lesbian



"The World's Policeman" - the good old US of A - is methodically uncovering one of the greatest swindles ever

No, not the FIFA scandal. Football's Mafia is small beer compared to the UK's Overseas Aid Programme and the billions that have been creamed off by foreign politicians and other crooks

It was not perchance that the British Prime Minister recently announced that he wants a closer look at the appalling rip off that the UK has been not just a victim of, but a party to for decades

He will be aware that the FBI and the IRS in America have uncovered a common denominator whilst examining the secret accounts of many of the people who have been involved in FIFA back handers

Whilst the agencies have clearly identified loot deposited in bank accounts from the proceeds of football pay offs and bribes, they also followed the paper trail of huge amounts of cash squirrelled away by suspects both high and low in the chain, which has no connection with FIFA

Corruption breeds corruption and the Americans knew that, to get on the FIFA gravy train, individuals had to already be wealthy to be able to fund the cost of introductions and connections and that this wealth would probably be the proceeds of crime

The common denominator that has emerged is that these individuals have all been involved, one way or another, in the handling of the aid which the British Government has thrown at their countries

Is it perhaps only a matter of time before the Americans find out how much of our money, stolen by foreign crooks, has found its way back to the UK into the accounts of UK citizens

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