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When the UK Government announced that two new aircraft carriers to be built for the Royal Navy would carry conventional jet aircraft rather than Harrier "Jump Jets" anyone with the flimsiest knowledge of military matters thought they had gone mad

At the time, the US Marines said that their Harriers gave them a combat edge they could not do without. The MoD promptly sold them 6 complete squadrons of our Harriers for spares

In the face of overwhelming criticism from all sides, the MoD subsequently backed down on the fixed wing idea - which would have meant the carriers being fitted with World War 2 type steam catapults -and announced they would revert to Harriers after all

It has now been confirmed that the cost of this dithering has cost the UK tax payer 74 million

This dreadful waste was the result of a political decision and, of course, we do not expect some ignorant MP dragged out of obscurity and given the power to make such decisions, to be punished

But some desk bound, gold braided Navy idiot would have advised the cretin in Government to make the original mistake and that landlocked Navy idiot should be court martialled


These pages recently commented that, despite the seemingly overwhelming number of claims against the late Jimmy Savile of sex crimes, no evidence has been tested in court. That remains the case

However, something this writer didn't know at that time was that Savile not only admitted in his biography written many years ago that he would have illegal sex given the chance, but incriminated the West Yorkshire police in such illegal activity

This has come to light following an internal enquiry by the Constabulary which has found that, despite a very close relationship between Savile and quite a number of police officers, there was no impropriety and no reason for the police to be suspicious of him

This despite the fact that senior officers met him socially at his home on a virtually weekly basis and that - in his biography - he said that, when one day there was talk about a runaway teenage girl, he had said that if he found her before they did, he would keep her at home for a night by way of a "reward"

He went on to comment in his book that, if his friends in the force were to take any action against him, half of them would go down with him!

Now, whilst all this is still not proven evidence against Savile, it raises one hell of a question mark over West Yorkshire police, who do not have the best of reputations

Either Saville was a pervert and they knew it and their enquiry results are a load of codswallop at best, or the officers who carried out the enquiry are totally incompetent

Surely another force should carry out a fresh enquiry into their activities. Why, on a topic of such nationwide importance, have they been allowed to hold their own enquiry into themselves?



Bit of a shock for the ladies. One of the many myths about men they have invented is "man flu" which is based on the false contention that if a man has the slightest sniffle, he thinks he has the dreaded nurgy and takes to his death bed

Fact is, virtually the opposite is true as men already knew

Males actually play down their symptons whereas women are much more likely to complain and make a fuss. And it gets worse ladies!

Australian health authorities have found that women take more time off work with flu than men and the London School of Hygiene backs all this up, following an independent survey of 5000 people in the UK

So how about some of the other pipe dreams that women have? That men have a menopause is one of the more ridiculous

No one has come up with any evidence to support it, any more than claims that men can not multi task as well as women, or that men can not deal with their wives earning more than they. Just give us the chance!

Keep on dreaming girls, if it makes you happy

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