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The killing of two terrorists and so-called "British subjects" in Syria by a superbly organised RAF drone attack has brought forth the predictable lamentations from left wingers, washed up liberals and self-serving charities

What they, and certainly we should be doing, is congratulating all involved, and particularly the intelligence team who pin-pointed these two bastards in their car and indeed the Prime Minister who ordered the attack

We will probably never know what grave risks military/security operatives on the ground ran to track these infidels down and task the RAF drone. We don't need to know. What we can do is let them know, whoever they are, that we are proud of them and thank God they are there to defend us

As for the two dead men, almost certainly members of the Facist organisation DAESH or ISIS as they like to be known, yes - they are legally British either by birth or naturalisation

However, they bring disgrace to fellow Muslims and certainly British Muslims. Surely, we should change our law so that when such people go to join our enemies, they immediately lose their citizenship and certainly have their passports cancelled



A young lad in his early teens takes a picture of himself in the nude and sends it to his girl friend

She immediately sends it on to some friends. It goes viral, and the young man is logged on the police register as a criminal

So far, so stupid - certainly where both the young man, the girl, and the police are concerned

Our excited media goes ape, describing the young man's foolish escapade as both "obscene" and "pornographic". Really? Obscene and pornographic?

What this teenager did is more or less the same as countless teenagers have done before, only behind the bike sheds rather that with the use of modern technology

As it is, he used ultra-modern technology and sent the picture using an "Ap" which deletes the image within a very short while of its receipt. His girl friend fired it off to her mates before it disappeared

The lads and lasses who have shown off their privates behind the bike sheds over the years haven't been blighted with criminal records and nor should he and the only people who should feel ashamed of themselves are the idiot police



For what is without doubt the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, Tory party members have helped vote in the head of HM's Opposition, the Leader of the Labour Party

The mind boggling decision by Labour to let anyone prepared to pay 3 quid to register to vote in the election, led directly to this extraordinary outcome

it was a heaven sent opportunity for Tory supporters to help Jeremy Corbyn into power, thus ensuring that Labour may never win another election, or certainly not for a very long time

This writer knows of 7 people within his social group and in his own family, who are not only true blue Conservatives but right of centre, who voted. No one really knows how many it was throughout the Nation but it might well have been enough to swing the result

The historical occasion is enhanced by another factor.Not only have Conservatives helped vote in the Leader of the Opposition, but it is the first time they, and other voters, have helped to put a Communist in power

The ultra left beliefs of Corbyn were spotlighted in the House of Commons with the way Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin greeted his new opposite number Lilian Greenwood in the first week after the election, in a debate on new rail links

"Welcome to the Politburo" he said, to the unsmiling lady

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