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One thing among many that the 3 teenage Muslim girls who have gone to join Daesh in Syria may have overlooked is that, at 15, they are already too old for the unbelievers they so mistakenly admire

This band of cut throats and vandals which our media insists on giving credence to by calling them ISIS or ISL are paedophiles to the last bearded bastard and prefer their "wives" to be 9 years old

This is not only their preference, but it is allowed under the law in the God forsaken places they currently terrorise, handed down by the infidels who are their leaders and who do not adhere to the teachings of the Prophet Mohamed any more than they obey the Koran

But do many people in England have any sympathy for the three mumpties as they wash, cook and clean in between getting beaten up and raped by their lords and masters? I doubt it other, that is, than their relatives and any misguided fools who support the heathens of Daesh

The general opinion seems to be good riddance to 3 Jihadists who, at best, were potential dissidents living off the benefits of the country they have rejected whilst coercing others into accepting their twisted ideals, or at worst suicide bombers in the streets where they walked safely or even in the very schools where they were given a free education

NOTE. The word "Daesh" is Arabic and has many meanings and many spellings. One definition is "Something that gets under your shoe" which is derogatory and self explanatory, and another is that it is a truncation of the phrase "Those who impose their will on others". Arab nations which are followers of true Islam use the name in a contemptuous way to describe the evil organisation, as do some Western countries. For example, France, which has a greater understanding of Islam than most others. Whatever the spelling or meaning, ISIS or ISL hate the name which is as good a reason as any for using it

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The contradiction above to Shakespear's "What's in a name. That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet" has never been more manifest than the name so often used to describe Germany in World War 2

This has again been personified with media coverage of the repeat of the claim by Greece for reparations from Germany for the invasion and occupation of their country

The media, however, to a man, woman, newspaper, TV and radio station reports that Greece was invaded by the "Nazis"

Why is it that so many people pussy foot around with this? It was the bloody Germans who invaded Greece and most of the rest of Europe

It may not be PC to say this, but the fact is that - apart from a handful of brave dissenters - millions of Germans supported Hitler but the bulk of the German people were not members of the Nazi party

The Germans went to war with Hitler in 1939 with the same fervour as they did in World War 1 with the Kaiser, and we didn't call them Nazis then