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A ridiculous looking woman with an even more ridiculous name has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, at the same time throwing a revealing light on the frightening state of charities in the UK

Looking like a cross between the Greek performer Demis "The Singing Tent" Rousos and cross dressing "artist" Grayson Perry, Kids Company boss Camila Batmanghelidjh brought her charity to a shuddering halt by gross over expenditure on an uncontrolled work load

If any one fact shows up the vagaries of the operations of this and other charities it is that, of 3 million paid to her by the gullible British Government in the last week of the charity's dubious activities, 600,000 was paid out on the monthly - yes, that is MONTHLY - salary bill of the scivers such charities attract

According to published statistics, there are 1,939 registered charities in the UK allegedly involved in the care of children, all of them doing more or less the same job and fighting each other for Government and private donations

Some are small but some are big - for example, Save The Children. Some of their executives are on over 160,000 a year

Is it any wonder they have to compete with each other for funding when they are paying out such colossal amounts to their staff? They need cash as much for wages and salaries as their actual charitable activities, as has been proved by Kids Company

Big Momma Batman - Iranian by birth - argues that she has to pay out this sort of money to staff because of the work load of the charity. I wonder if she's ever heard of Parkinson's Law?

Cyril Northcotte-Parkinson gave us Parkinson's Law which is that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" meaning charities find increasing quantities of real or fictitious work which leads to the apparent necessity to keep going, and pay themselves more because of the increasing amount of work they create for themselves

Much stricter controls need to be kept over these frequently self-serving businesses which are part of the 80 billion UK charity industry

The trouble is that there were nearly 200,000 of them at the last count, and the Charities Commission, which is the body with the power to control them, simply can not cope. And this number is increasing

There is a story, circulated in the police service, of an illegal immigrant being arrested when spotted kneeling in the Muslim prayer position behind a lorry he had just climbed out of on a Kent motorway layby. He proved to be Sudanese, well educated, and with very good English

When he was asked what he was planning to do in this country had he got away with his illegal entry, he replied that he intended to set up a charity for the support of fellow Muslim Sudanese immigrants

There are already about 2000 Muslim charities in England and Wales according to the Muslim Charities Forum itself. Exactly what they all actually do is anyone's guess. But that, as they say, is another story