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I wish to register my protest at the quite extraordinary response of "no worries mate" by some members of the younger generation, to a simple verbal registration of gratitude

From whence and for what reason this expression has come about is beyond me, although I would venture to say that it is often spoken with a distinct antipodean lilt even though the speaker has probably not advanced further than the civilised side of the English channel

I was recently responded to thus after I had politely thanked the young man behind the bar who had dispensed for me a pint of bitter in a hostelry which I frequent occasionally

I experienced a strong urge to advise this youth that I was not the least bit concerned with whether or not he had anything untoward on his mind and to enquire why he had seen fit to advise me of his situation, and to point out to him that we did not enjoy any form of relationship which should encourage him to address me in such a familiar fashion, but decided it would be churlish to do so

I remain, your obedient servant



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The broadside of attacks on UKIP and Nigel Farage only go to show the party's increasing popularity and extraordinary success in the General Election

With nearly 4 million votes, which would have given UKIP no less than 83 MP's in the Commons under Proportional Representation, this makes UKIP and Farage a sensational success story

One trouble with success is that the British media is prone to trying to eventually tear down anything or anyone that achieves it

Apart from some internal strife - probably no where near as bad as is made out - what seems to have got up the noses of so many of the Fourth Estate is that Farage quit as he promised he would if he failed to get his own seat, but then came back

What seems to have been ignored is that he "quit" by offering his resignation to his Executive as is proper under such circumstances, and the Executive refused to accept his resignation

He has achieved a tremendous vote of confidence, not just from the Executive but probably from the bulk of the 3,900,000 UKIP voters, and no doubt he and his party will go on to bigger and better things

The same can not be said of the so-called Labour party


Will they ever come back? That seems to be the question on many lips as the wrong Miliband brother limps off into history slobbering over a bacon sarnie

Is there any one thing that Labour can do to reshape their future? They could start by going back to the past, not so much by again representing the working class but by rejecting the Champaign Socialists who have virtually taken over the party

It is the working class who desperately need champions as 4.8 million foreigners and rising, prepared to work for lower wages, steal heir jobs

The trouble is that those "champions" in the current Labour party are the denizens of the richer environs of our cities and particularly London, the highly paid urban elite, more influenced by Political Correctness than knowledge or comprehension of politics, and who seldom get any closer to anyone from the working class than their cleaner, who probably comes from Romania and is pepared to polish the furniture for a pittance

Get shot of these pretentious tossers who struggle to understand socialism but feel it is a must for discussion at dinner parties, and most of whom are natural born Tories but are ashamed to admit it

As it is, it is probably too late for true Labour supporters as it will be either the Tories or UKIP who will save their jobs by pulling down the shutters on immigration and returning work to the British worker

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An elderly gentleman - a staunch supporter of DoTW - was at a social function shortly after the election when he was asked if he was old enough to have any memories of VE day in 1945

He responded in the positive, explaining:"I felt a warm surge of relief, exactly as I did the other day when it was finally announced the Conservatives had won an overall majority in Parliament"

This reaction to the Tory win has been expressed in similar terms by a great many who had lived in real fear that Labour might prevail and drag us back down, or at the least things would be so close run that there would be another coalition. They had been badly misled by the pollsters and had believed the crap that spewed out of them

Now that we have proper, majority Government by people fit to rule, rather than PC inspired pseudo Socialists or at best that excuse for democracy of a coalition, we can look forward to an even brighter future, the seeds of which have been sown over the last 5 years

The threat from young Tartan knickers that her tribe of secessionists will disrupt the House of Commons can be ignored but this new Government must not get complacent and there remains the nation's greatest danger - Europe and immigration

To be a success, this Tory party - elected by the people and who would be in power even with Proportional Representation - must look after the workers and their jobs, just as much as they should look after the wealthy who create those jobs

They must deal with Europe, otherwise it will not be the washed up Labour party or the pathetic Liberals who will be after their jobs. It will be UKIP