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When the sisterhood squeals like a herd of stuck pigs over something someone has said, you can bet your bottom dollar that the comment has struck a raw nerve

In other words, when feminists attack in unison, the probability is that what has been said is too close to the truth to get past their ultra prickly defence shield

Thus it has been that a wonderful gentleman called Sir Tim Hunt has incurred the wrath of wimmin, with a crack about some of the difficulties of working with them

Whilst on a visit to South Korea, he opined that a problem with working with female researchers was their tendency to fall in love with their professors or cry if they are criticised

The only thing he is guilty of is stating the obvious

The number of women students who have fallen in love with their tutors would not be possible to count and anyone who has had any relationship with a woman will know that they cry at the drop of a hat for many reasons, and being criticised is just one of them

So what? Why do the coven get their knickers in such a twist over something which is a simple fact of life. Are they ashamed? Sir Tim was certainly not suggesting they should be

The dear old Prof has tried to explain that he was indeed joking, but that was a bad mistake. You are on a hiding to nothing if you take the mickey out of the sisterhood. They don't have a sense of humour and - even if they can see a joke - they will pretend not to if they consider it is at all detrimental

When you are carrying a huge chip on your shoulders, it is difficult to register mirth with them