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Members of the British security forces are mingling with refugees on the Croatian and other borders in a bid to detect terrorist suspects entering Europe

Other under cover agents are taking pictures and videos of known or suspected terrorists and uploading them instantly via satellite to the their London HQ.

A source close to...........................

IN JOURNALISTIC TERMS, this is a "good story". A possible world exclusive. But no. It has been invented. However, we should all hope that there is truth in it

What it is is a way of calling attention to the strong possibility that highly trained fighters from Daesh - or Islamic State as they are so often flatteringly called - are getting into Europe under the pretence of fleeing conflict

Just watch your TV. Look around the scene in front of you, Look beyond the exhausted men and women, often elderly, often with children, at the end of their tether and begging for help

Now focus on some of the fit, young men. Some will be standing alone and not storming the razor wire fences or throwing stones at the police and military. They don't want to attract attention

Look at the small groups of well built, obviously fit youths with neat rucksacks on their backs, not carrying any hand luggage and not accompanying any women or children

They are talking quietly to each other. If they spot a camera on them, they turn away quickly and separate

If our intelligence people are not gathering information on these people, then they darned well should be. The mass exodus from Iraq and Syria is the ideal opportunity for Daesh to get into Europe in large numbers and there wage war against their host countries

There is other evidence of possible infiltration into the UK of these murderous heathens

How often have you heard it said of young male immigrants risking everything to get to Britain that they are so brave they are to be admired. Several young Syrians have been killed in the Channel Tunnel

Are they all just looking for a better life? Or are they highly trained members of Daesh, under orders to get here at all costs and bring murder and mayhem to our streets?