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A young man is accused of a rape in an office at the House of Commons. It will have been far from the first time that a couple have had sex, consenting or otherwise, in that most august of establishments. Naturally, everyone is agog to know who this particular couple is

Because of the iniquitous laws in this country regarding rape, we knew within a matter of hours who the man is, his occupation and who he works for even though - at the time of writing - he has not been charged with any offence

We know his name but we do not know the name of the woman involved and we probably never will. Even if the matter goes to trial and even if it is eventually decided by a jury that she is lying, the woman will still not be named

Meanwhile, guilty or not of anything wrong, another man's life and reputation are ruined

In the much publicised case of footballer Ched Evans, whose original conviction for rape was overturned, the reversal of the original verdict was very much to do with the fact that the judge allowed the lying witness to be questioned about her sexual history

This example of natural justice prevailing in a rape case has been described as setting the law back 30 years

What we need now is for the law to be set back 40 years for it was in 1976 that the infamous act was enacted that allowed women to enjoy anonymity in rape cases




The Lord above knows the truth of whether or not Donald Trump, possibly the next President of the US of A (God help us all!) has a penchant for goosing any female he fancies

I think it is more than likely some of the claims being made are from bandwagoners and in any event most sensible Americans, including most women, seem to show a very positive "so what" attitude to most of the allegations

What is very obvious is that the latest cuty co climb on board is, at the very least, highly suspect

Attractive and looking extremely feminine with long dark tresses - a media wet dream - she spoke very carefully and concisely about an incident over 10 years ago when our Don fondled her boobs

She was very concise and no wonder. She was reading from a script!

Cuddled fondly by her female lawyer, who had no doubt written the script, she even managed a tear which slowly trickled down her soft, powdered cheek and which her butch looking attorney gently brushed away

And her name? Virginia. Oh boy



Top quote goes to abrasive Scottish author Irvine Welsh, commenting on the award of a Nobel prize for literature to Bob Dylan

"This is a nostalgia award wrenched from the rancid prostates of senile gibbering hippies" our Scottish writer declares

Next time I have to get up for a pee at some unearthly time in the night, I'm going to remember that one

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