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There have been many mentions of an "English breakfast" during the farce of 30 hours of talks in Brussels with UK Prime Minister David Cameron fighting for a better deal between our country and the EU

Just why such a fuss was made of the fact that delegates planned a good old fry up after an all night sitting is lost on me

However, it prompts another phrase which is that we have come away with a complete Dog's Breakfast of agreements or supposed agreements which seems to have confused everyone more than they were before the talks

With so many people so confused over just what we have got, it is little wonder that there are still many who can't make up their minds whether they wish to stay in the Union or not. Here's an idea

We should quit but, to placate the great many people who have decided they want to stay in, we should quit on the basis that we would then immediately apply to re-join

They want us? Right, we'll come back but strictly on our terms. No argument. No deals. No pussy footing about. We'll come back but only if we get our own way completely, take it or leave it

We, the British, have saved or certainly led the way in saving Europe at least 3 times from the tyranny that Brussels seeks to impose. They owe us

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