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HOOLIGANS - or pirates

They arrive in very expensive, high speed inflatables - similar to those used by US Navy Seals and our own Special Boat Squadron - and clamber up the side of the facility using high tech assault boarding equipment

Unfortunately for them, Marines from the country which owns the rig are on duty, and the boarders are quite properly arrested, placed in custody in prison, and - at the time of writing - are awaiting trial

These are the Green Peace activists who tried to board a Russian oil exploration rig going about its lawful business

At first, the Russian authorities said they had been arrested for, and would be charged with, piracy. The charges against the group have since been reduced to hooliganism

Quite why the Russians withdrew the original charges is not clear, for there is no doubt that this was an act of piracy on the high seas and should be dealt with accordingly

What brief does this self-serving charity think it carries? If the highly paid organisers of this para military group want to protest against oil exploration then they should stick to peaceful ways

As it is, the charge of hooliganism in Russia carries a stiff penalty. Remember the all girl soft porn group who decided to perform in a Moscow church? By all accounts, they have been slammed up for several years and may even be reflecting on their behaviour in Siberia

The Green Peace hooligans deserve all that they get and it is to be hoped that other Governments will be equally severe when these people decide to break international law and conventions and terrorise innocent and law abiding citizens

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The only surprise that 3 slaves were found in a London house is that anyone is surprised!

For several decades our Government has allowed tens of thousands, if not millions, of immigrants - both legal and otherwise - to come here from nations where slavery is virtually taken for granted

Africans. Asians and Arabs from countries where they probably don't even have a phrase for human rights have colonised England bringing their beliefs and practices with them

Is that a "surprise" when they know that, at worst, we will allow them to ride rough shod over our laws and even our citizens and at best we will lean over backwards to let them establish their own customs and ignore ours in the name of multi-racialism

All racist tosh?

Our own dear Salvation Army was given a Government brief two years ago to try to determine just how many people are living in the UK as slaves

They've come up with the figure of 1,200 but they don't really know. There is every possibility that many more times this figure of people are enslaved in the UK and our authorities have no knowledge at all even of their existence

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If there is one thing you can be certain of in the great debate over Scottish independence,it is that politicians on both sides of the border will lie their back teeth out to get their own way

However, there seems to be one real fact to fasten on and that is that the skirt wearing rabble rousers (and that is just the lads) seem to be great believers in that old French adage "plus ca change. plus c'est la meme chose"

Alex Salmond, that great believer in fairy tales, is telling his people that nothing is really going to change. For example, he will keep the British 1 sterling as Scottish currency

The Hell he says!

The sheer brass nerve of the man takes some believing, but he means it

Forget what mass of stuff and guff English and Scottish MP's come up with about this. No one really knows whether or not Scotland can achieve economic stability with independence and, if they go down, they'll drag our currency and therefore us, down with them

Whether or not they want to risk it with the Euro is up to them, leaving aside the fact that there is no guarantee that they will actually be allowed to adopt it

Let them set up their own currency - how about "The Thistle" Alex? But they must not be allowed to use ours

More evidence of Alex promoting change but, at the same time, conning his people into believing that things will stay the same, is that he wants to keep The Queen as head of state

Fine. But is he going to chip in to pay for her?