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A school in a small, classic English village has been criticised by OFSTED - the national school's inspectorate. Why?

Because it is a school in a small, classic English village and, as one might expect in such a place, the pupils are white. Yes, that's it. White. Not black, brown, yellow or sky blue pink. They are white.

The village is Market Rasen, home to a well known race course and with a population of 3,230, other than on race days when it is temporarily somewhat larger.

Apparently, what OFSTED is worried about is that the education of the pupils of Market Rasen is lacking because they are not having to fight for class room space with immigrants or their progeny, and - the quango feels - they are indeed missing out on the UK's multiracial indoctrination policy

No doubt, had OFSTED found that the school was 99% filled with ethnic pupils and English was the last language you would hear, and the native white children were being submerged by alien cultures, then all would have been rosy



Like so many of her fellow Labour "my dear,whatever was Socialism?" MP's Lady Nugee does not immediately identify with the working classes and perhaps understandably, considering her upper crust title

Lady Nugee? Well, she is perhaps better known as plain but far from ordinary Emily Thornberry, Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury, who owes her high falutin title to a spot of social climbing involving marrying Sir Christopher Nugee, QC

However, even that title and her actual Constituency - the latter one of the rarefied ghettos of the metropolitan effete - did not save her from getting the push as Shadow Attorney General by a furious Ed Miliband as a result of a stonking indiscretion

She it was who got hold of a picture of a Union Jack bedecked terraced house in Kent - somewhat different to her 3 million pad in Islington - with a white van outside, and uploaded it on Twitter with the caption "An image from Rochester"

This was seen by young flobber chops as two fingers to the folk of Rochester who, in his dreams, should vote for him in the General Election rather than UKIP, as they did in this week's by-election. He actually called her twice - once to tell her to apologise and then to tell her to piss off

If her ladyship had the slightest knowledge of working class beliefs and practices, she might have concluded that this loyal demonstration could have been not so much a political statement, but rather a glorious display of loyal support for England in the recent football friendly with Scotland

But then, what would a Labour toff who got her seat purely through the fraud of a women only candidate list, know about the sporting preferences and indeed the love of country, of a working class chap in Rochester

This having been said, one of the most extraordinary things about "the working class" and white van man is that so many of them still believe that Labour is the best party for them, whereas it is screamingly obvious that the Conservatives are a far better choice

It has been in the interests of the Labour party for the working class to be downtrodden to encourage them to vote labour in order for them to hopefully improve their lot, whereas it is the interests of the Tories to improve the lot of the working class to enable their spending power to improve, thus making the rich richer