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At the time of writing, news about the murder of a British soldier in Woolwich in South East London is still coming in. He was run down with a car, stabbed and slashed to death with knives and machetes, and there was even an attempt to decapitate him

The two Godless savages responsible - Muslims with twisted interpretations of the Koran -were shot, but fortunately not killed, by police. Fortunately?

To find any good news in a case as dreadful as this murder is hard. We can hope, for example, that the two bastards are crippled for life. But there is something else which might offer some consolation

Unfortunately, there are quite a few ex-military men in our prisons. Like so many survivors of wars long before their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, some are there because they could not cope with the comparative normality of civilian life or because they suffer from ongoing trauma or marriage failures or similar emotional upsets

The two killers openly bragged to eye witnesses - who even filmed them - that they were acting out of revenge for fellow Muslims killed by British troops fighting the Taliban and others

That the bastards who murdered the soldier will go to prison themselves is a simple matter of procedure. That they will not exactly be treated with feelings of love and warmth by the squaddies already there is similarly predictable. May their lives be a living hell



Badger lovers have their own website, offering cute Badger masks to wear when demonstrating, as so many "rent-a-mob" like to do as an occupation other than working

Accepting that they may be slightly short on the common sense enjoyed by most ordinary people, their website thoughtfully offers some advice

This is to cut out eyeholes in the masks when wearing them


A call to the helpline 111, the somewhat maligned system which took over from NHS Direct:-

Caller - "I've got diarrhea. What should I do?"

Helper - "Stock up on loo paper"

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It'll be noted that DoTW has steered clear - well, almost - of racist comment in the story about the murder of the British soldier in London. It has been a strain. So how about golf?

Sergio Garcia is in a spot of bother of the racist and political correctness kind

He publicly invited fellow golfer Tiger Woods - a chap known for all manner of strokes (go on, think of vinegar) - to a supper of fried chicken and Woods is playing the PC ticket and saying Garcia is being racist

You see, ol' tigger is a bit of a mix of Chinese and Afro-American blood and reckons that "fried chicken" is a dig along the lines of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Perhaps Sergio should have invited him round for a Chinese!


HEY - DoTW WAS LAUNCHED 7 YEARS AGO THIS MONTH! Here's a little something we said in May 2006 when the "disappeared one" Gordon Brown - later to become Prime Minister - was Chancellor of the Exchequer and on his way to becoming a dad

"Gordon Brown's wife Sarah is said to be one of many women to use acupuncture to help her conceive. It just goes to show what a little prick can do"