Week 23-07-15 Archive

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The Prime Minister addressed the nation on the increasing danger from within of a fifth column of terrorists masquerading as Muslims, and told us what he will be doing about it and what we should do about it

There was little adverse comment on what he said apart, that is, from Mullahs and other often self appointed Muslim leaders who criticised him for not consulting them before he spoke

Who the hell do these arrogant people think they are?

Had he been talking about Sikhs, Jews, Hindus or any other religious minority he would not have been expected to consult them first

In any event he would not have been talking about any danger from Sikhs, Jews or Hindus because they are law abiding citizens who owe their first allegiance to our country, whereas Muslim extremists are a threat to our way of life and to our very lives, and most Muslims owe their first allegiance to Mohammed

A particular point he made was that, whilst the majority of Muslims in the UK do not support terrorism, many give tacit approval to Daesh

This is the bunch of degenerate paedophiles who have industrialised murder as did the Nazis, who decapitate or burn people alive if they do not agree with them, take slaves and sell them like cattle, and who are the infidels of the 21st century who are slaughtering true Muslims on an horrific scale in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere

Should our Prime Minister be consulting with people who, no matter how tacitly, may support these barbarians?

I don't think so