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It makes you proud to be English!

Chris Norman was one of the 4 men - 3 of them American - who tackled and brought down the gunman on the train going from Belgium to France

They have been justifiably awarded the highest order that the French can give, the Croix de Guerre, but it is not only that which we should be proud of

Our hero, being a true Brit although actually domiciled in France, was the only one of the 4 wearing a tie which was used to bind the hands of the would be mass murderer

I wonder if it was his old school tie? I do hope so


There are quite often dead simple answers to the most complex problems

Immigrants, legal or otherwise, who come to the UK do so to enhance their life style which includes having somewhere to live

If we stopped building houses then they wouldn't, would they

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The PM got himself into the heavy duty thick stuff when he referred to "swarms" of potential illegal immigrants in Calais

The criticism came from members of the Labour party whining that it was derogatory and insulting to the so called "refugees" but was treated with the contempt it deserved

Far be it for me to encourage these twits and also encourage the PC brigade but what about calling the holding camp in the Calais area the "Jungle"?

This is the term frequently used by the media and others but surely there are shades of "Jungle Bunnies" and swinging from the trees here

To call the camp a jungle is quite disgusting, absolutely politically incorrect and positively racist, and a gross insult to "refugees" from African countries such as Nigeria and Sudan

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With politicians who look like used car salesmen, soldiers in white tights, pom-poms on their shoes and doing a military slow march that is straight out of the Ministry of Silly Walks, I'd say that the country of non-tax payers and home of the world's worst tasting wine has more problems than just a somewhat large national debt