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In 2014 alone, it is estimated that 8000 Jews left France - mainly for Israel - because of anti-Semitism

Whilst many French themselves have shown a great deal of antagonism, if not hatred, towards Jews in the past, there is no doubt that a major cause of the current exodus has been and remains a fear of Muslims

This must not be allowed to happen in the UK. Jewish people, both immigrants and British born, have contributed hugely to the prosperity of our country and above all, they have never represented a threat

Together with Sikhs, Hindus, and people of other religions, they have lived peacefully among us and we have no reason to fear them. Not so Muslims

Whilst we are fully justified in fearing Muslim extremists, it is quite obviously wrong to fear all Muslims.But many Jews do because no one really knows just how many Muslims are extremists or certainly sympathisers

Now, in England in particular, there are increasing signs of anti-Semitism among non Muslims and even students

This must be stopped and any undergraduate showing discrimination against Jews should be sacked from his or her University



A young Army officer died after collapsing towards the end of the London Marathon. Is the Ministry of Defence to face corporate manslaughter charges?

This would be the logical conclusion if some nutters in high places have their way

Following the deaths some time ago of troops on exercise to determine their fitness to join the SAS, some MP's are calling for the MoD to face such charges because of its alleged responsibility for such deaths

First, the idiots that run our country bow to feminist pressure to allow female soldiers to join front line combat units

Now, they want to punish the army for putting too much mental and physical pressure on volunteers who want to do just that

There is another logical conclusion here. Whilst I'm sure there will be some "ladies" who will be able to cope with the training the SAS requires, there will be others that can't

We'll have to lower the standards of training for our soldiers, putting everyone at risk

What a load of bollocks


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The British media made much of President Obama using the word "queue" when warning the UK that, if it opts out of Europe, it will go to the back of the same when it comes to trade negotiations with the USA

Never mind their anger that he was telling us what to do and, in turn, backing our PM's policy of staying in

What really twisted the knickers of our excitable media was to raise the conspiracy theory that, for him to use the word "queue" rather than the American equivalent "line" was because our people had written his speech for him

American speech writers have been understandably cautious in making sure their Presidents don't make arses of themselves when speaking abroad, since Kennedy announced to a nonplussed Germany and the world "I am a jelly doughnut

Churchill said that Americans and the English are two nations divided by the same language and it is more likely that it was Obama's people who wanted to make darned sure that we all knew what he was banging on about