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The predicted defeat of the established parties by UKIP in both the UK and the European elections has left the usual pundits gasping for new superlatives

However, the lack of success by UKIP in London appears to have left them puzzled. I can give them an answer.

One theory put forward by a commentator on BBC is that it is the so-called "intellectual elite" (see NOTE) who refused to vote for the country's most progressive party

Quite why these people, who are soaked in Political Correctness and their belief in their own infallibility, should be referred to as either "intellectual" or "elite" is beyond me. But more on that later

There is one simple reason why UKIP is not so popular in London as in most of the rest of the regions

It is now a foreign City, colonised by immigrants - both legal and otherwise - for whom everything that the party stands for is anathema

A city where the most popular boy's name is now Mohamed, is hardly likely to vote for a party which wants to restrict, or even stop, immigration. As the saying goes - Turkeys don't vote for Christmas

NOTE. The term "Metroplitan Elete" is used more often to describe this group but this was the BBC

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No, I haven't make a mistake. I mean effete. In the item above is a reference to the "intellectually elite" of London

One doesn't have to cast around much to work out how this title came about. With their self righteous belief in everything they say being correct, they must surely have dreamed it up themselves. In all probability it was first heard on the BBC or written in The Guardian - their very own personal organs

If intellectual means intelligent - and I'm sure they think it does - then the truth is that these self deluded num-nums are about as intellectual as a carrot - one of their favourite foods

They actually believe such things as climate change being avoidable, that genetic engineering is something new and unproven and therefore dangerous, and that organic food is far better than any other. They even believe that "use by" dates on foodstuffs are to be strictly adhered to

By the way, these loons tend to look down their noses at country folk. These would be the same rural entrepreneurs that have been ripping them off with organic food for decades!

So why effete? Here are some of the definitions of the word if Googled. Affected, over refined, artificial, pretentious, precious and - wait for it - chi-chi

Next time you hear the word "genre" or someone pontificating about history in the present tense, you'll know it is one of these twits

Ring any bells?