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This writer was one of the first to try to persuade policy makers and the like - particularly politicians and journalists - to use the correct name of DAESH to describe the infidels who call themselves ISIS

They hate the name DAESH, common parlance among most Moslems, and intended as an insult. One interpretation loosely translates as "something that you have stepped on which has been left on the ground by a dog

This is levelled at non-believers and common criminals, who have no country of their own, and who have invaded the countries of others and most certainly are not true Muslims acting in accordance with the Koran. There could be another way to put them in their place

Stop calling them TERRORISTS. The meaning of the word has changed, with many totalitarian and even democratic states, describing anyone in legitimate opposition to them as "terrorists".

Turkey is one example, dubbing the Kurds as such despite the fact that the latter have been persecuted by the Turks for centuries. Israel has for a long time called Palestinian patriots terrorists

Even the UK could be taken to task in some quarters for dubbing the IRA "terrorists" despite the fact that they were, in the eyes of a great many people throughout the world, fighting for a legitimate cause

Now the French President has declared war on DAESH giving them kudos by naming them as ISIS and, with such a declaration, giving them added misplaced status of nationhood. You can only declare war on another country

DAESH is not a country or state, fighting for its rights. It does not have any rights, but by calling them TERRORISTS they are afforded a degree of legitimacy considering the present vernacular

DAESH are mass murderers, thieves, robbers, slave traders and rapists. They do not even restrict their obscene behaviour to non-Muslims and, indeed, kill fellow Muslims on an industrial scale

Their behaviour, according to many, is in direct contravention of the teachings of Mohamed, making them non-believers. It is entirely legitimate therefore to describe them as heretics

The media and everyone else should stop falling for their propaganda and not call them ISIS. They are shit on the pavement Tell it how it is. Not how they want us to tell it


Portender of Doom?

Anyone planning to travel to any of the world's danger spots should check very carefully on the itinerary of a certain Priest, Father Peter Jackson

He was working in Washington when the 9/11 suicide pilots struck at the Pentagon. He was then in London at the time of the Tube bombings

Now, with the dreadful lorry massacre in Nice in France, it transpires that he is there, working as Chaplain of Holy Trinity Anglican church in Nice itself

You have been warned