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There is such a simple answer to the increasingly chaotic business of illegal immigrants in France getting on UK bound lorries at the port of Calais

Lock the back doors of the bloody lorries!

Time and time again we are seeing on TV news the infuriating site of these people simply opening the doors at the back of lorries and clambering in

That is the only way they can get into the lorries, fercrying out loud.If the doors were locked and barred they would not be able to do this

UK law should be changed immediately so that any lorry - British or otherwise - arriving in Dover with insecure rear doors should be put in a holding area and then either fined so heavily that they will never do it again, or - better still - sent straight back to Calais on the first available ferry. Or both

In any event, if illegal immigrants are found on board at Dover, they should be sent back with the lorry

We could, of course, ask the French to turn away any insecure lorries as these refugees or rather economic migrants are their problem and not ours

Meanwhile, with the ever unruly French unions constantly going on strike and causing additional chaos, we should divert all UK bound lorries to Belgium ports permanently

We could also dig a spur to the Channel Tunnel which comes up at Ostend and then block off the bit that currently goes to France

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Having now solved the vexatious problem of illegal immigrants in France, there is an equally simple way out of the Greek financial crisis

If we are to believe the Greeks themselves, the answer to all their problems is more free dosh from the rest of Europe and indeed the world. "Free" because they've been getting their money by way of loans which they seem remarkably reluctant to pay back

The trouble is that they tend to blow anything they get and most Greeks don't pay taxes which is the way that governments usually get by

Well, they don't need our help. They have about 600 uninhabited but habitable islands and if they sold off some or perhaps all, they could raise billions

At the same time, they could do a Chanel Islands job on somewhere like Crete and turn it into an off shore tax haven for the rest of the planets idle rich



And whilst on the subject of Greece, anyone who missed a recent live TV programme from the House of Commons when the Chancellor George Osborne was explaining exactly what the Greek business is all about, missed out

Mr Osborne, probably one of the most erudite and knowledgeable Chancellors this country has ever seen, had as part of his audience many if not most of the female rabble of the Scottish National Party

The obvious lack of comprehension and understanding on the faces of these wimmin, faced with an articulate Englishman of good stock and of good education explaining the politics and financial aspects of a contentious international issue, was a treat to see

These are ladies who have been swept to power with scant knowledge of international affairs

They sit there hoping against hope that they may somehow obtain a position of influence in the Commons but unless the debate centres on either feminism or Scottish Nationalism or - for them, preferably both - they have little to offer and will understand even less

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