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Two men, one a member of the English establishment - a senior official of the Royal Society for the Protection of Children - and the other an Imam (a Muslim religious leader) are discussing the case of the gang of Pakistani perverts who raped teenage white girls in Oxford

SPEAKER(1)"There are obviously many and varied reasons why Pakistani men behave like this. They are isolated as second class citizens"

SPEAKER(2)"No, that is not correct. These men are racists who treat women, certainly white women, with contempt"

(1)"Well, that is one reason that needs looking at but there are others. For example, these are night workers, such as taxi drivers and workers in the catering industry, who are presented with opportunities by over sexed English girls roaming the streets after hours. It is not really their fault"

(2)"No, your are skating over the facts. These men behave like this purely out of racist and religious beliefs"

(1)"Nothing is proven to explain their behaviour. These men could be as much victims of society as are the girls"

(2)"Nonsense. All the evidence is there. These men behave like animals - they are brought up to have no respect for woman and certainly white girls. They are Muslims. This is what they learn in their Mosques"

(1)"That might be a point, but there are many other reasons to explain the behaviour of these men. It is certainly not just racist. We are still examining these reasons"

(2)"You've got to call a spade a spade. You are being Politically Correct and are unable to call a spade a spade. The whole reason that Pakistani men behave like this is their religion and beliefs. They see nothing wrong in what they do


THE ABOVE IS AN EDITED VERSION of a conversation that took place on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday, 15th May 2013 between 12 and 12.30

Obviously, speaker (2) is the RSPC official and speaker (1) is the Muslim religious leader. The comments of speaker 2 are probably already being examined by the Race Relations Board

W R O N G!

Speaker 2 is actually the Muslim, and speaker 1 is a representative example of week minded Socialist/Liberal thinking, riven and driven by Political Correctness which, even if it actually recognises the truth of the ills of our once wonderful country, refuses to admit them

Even as the Oxford sex scandle debate occupies the media and the minds of all right minded people, the female Chief Constable of Oxford police wriggles and weaves around the truth behind the fact that they were so hopeless in bringing these Pakistanis to justice

Our police are strangled by Political Correctness and fear of facing up to the truth because of possible racist repercussions

The switch board of the Jeremy Vine show was inundated with calls from ordinary, white English people praising the Imam and condemning the tortious platitudes of the RSPC spokesman

Thank God for the Imam. How about him for the Police Commissioner of Oxfordshire!