Week 20-06-13 Archive

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MR WOTISNAME Good morning, Mr Jones. Your client is pleading guilty to all the charges. Is that correct? That is correct, m'lud Then before I pass sentence, does your client have anything since to say in mitigation No m'lud. Whereas he has something to say on a related matter, I have advised him that armed robbery with 2 other cases to be taken into account is hardly a matter where there can be any mitigation and there is little he can say to encourage your lordship to be lenient in sentencing I must say, Mr Jones, that I am inclined to agree. But you say that there is something other than mitigation he wishes to put before the court Yes, m'lud. He asks that you make an order that his name be withheld and is not made public And what is the basis of that request It is that, under the Data Protection Act of